Welcome to Eleven! We are a small team of Glitchen trying to reassemble the code from our beloved game Glitch! What is Glitch - or Eleven, you might ask? It's a peaceful, cooperative, massively multiplayer game in which you pet trees, milk butterflies, gasmogrify vapour, build furniture, brew hooch, grow herbs, tune bubbles, and make salt in a spice mill...with friends.

We are eager to bring the game back to the fans as well as introduce it to those that never had the privilege to experience it. Stick with us for more exciting updates! Please see our FAQ for more information about our goals.

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Latest News

A wild list appears!

Hello everyone!

We have a list for you to register your interest in the Alpha, at last! It is time to entertain a wider audience of Glitchen.

First, you MUST have an account on our website.  Without it, game access cannot be granted, and your request will be deprioritized until we can reach out to you for more information. We will work on making this more efficient, but it just hasn’t been able to be a priority.

Signing up does not guarantee immediate access; but the plan is to add a batch (10-15?) of folks every few days so we can generate some regular activity in the game.  This will allow us to estimate our hardware needs to accommodate a large population of players.

Any questions, concerns, and general enthusiasm can be posted on our forum!

Without further ado, click this link to register your interest!

Written by: LadyCeres on August 30, 2019
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